Stainless Steel Ductwork

Stainless steel is a specialist product used primarily in laboratory, pharmaceutical, process and nuclear settings. We work with Grade 304 stainless steel when durability in terms of tensile strength, corrosion, and oxidation resistance are the key requirements. Alternatively Grade 316 is ideal when an ability to resist acids and chlorides including salt is needed making it the best choice for chemical processing and marine applications.

stainless steel ventilation industrial unit
stainless steel ventilation unit
stainless steel ventilation ductwork laboratory

E&S are experienced high-volume manufacturers of gas tight stainless steel ductwork, and our dedicated stainless steel fabrication bay has recently undergone significant investment, including high definition plasma cutter and automated welding machinery. We have refined our manufacturing process to achieve an exceptionally high standard of quality by focusing on automation and any ductwork components that cannot be welded by machine are welded instead by our highly skilled team of welders.

A wide array of shapes including circular, rectangular, bends, tees, straight ducts, transformation pieces and tapers of varying thicknesses can be produced with the end product being fully welded, flanged or self-flanged. Depending on the final application we can offer the most suitable finish be that mill, polished or mirror polish.

Our quality assurance and testing framework is industry leading and includes DIN 25 496 testing, Non-destructive Testing - NDT, Ultrasonic - for testing thickness measurements and flaw detection, Liquid Penetrate test - method used to check surface-breaking defects and high pressure testing up to 2000 pascals.